The Evantage Approach

A data-driven foundation for business transformation.

Our clients face diverse and complex challenges in a range of industries. What unites them is a demand for measurable results in confronting these challenges. Evantage consultants thrive in the face of complex business problems requiring a cross functional perspective and analytical acumen combined with excellent communication skills.

Evantage’s analytical approach ensures a rapid diagnosis and resolution of the key issues. We’ve applied our expertise to challenges as diverse as:

  • Defining a more usable global FDA compliant interface for a medical technology product
  • Diagnosing the root causes of a poorly performing CRM tool and finding the solution.
  • Identifying the key drivers of new revenue for the online sales of a consumer food product
  • Capturing and incorporating the end customer requirements for a new order management and custom configuration system

Our ability to efficiently leverage diverse data points facilitates quick evaluation of options and recommendations.

Our small, high-value teams engage with your organization and zero in on solutions with laser-like focus. 

With Evantage, you’ll never receive a one-size-fits-all plan. Our recommendations are customized, actionable, and designed to help you achieve breakthrough results. We partner with you to effect change, and once your objectives have been met, we step back to let you take the credit.