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Axure Training - Rapid Interactive Prototyping

Axure RP (Rapid Prototyping) training by Evantage Consulting allows users to streamline wireframes, prototyping, and documentation.

Streamline Design with Axure RP
Axure is a rapid prototyping tool for websites and other software user interfaces. It enables you to create dynamic simulations that communicate a design to stakeholders and specifications for development - all in one place.

Evantage Consulting is the exclusive Axure training partner in North America. Our instructors are working user experience consultants who have been using Axure since 2008 to prototype, test, and document innovative, interactive designs. Since we use Axure in our own work, our workshops pair an introduction to Axure's features with real-world experience to help you use the program effectively and efficiently.

On-site Axure Training

All of our Axure workshops are delivered on site at your location. Choose a combination of courses to get the most out of your training.

  • Basic Prototyping with Axure RP: (Full Day) This introduction to Axure will give you the skills to prototype and document a basic website. It also provides an overview of sharing and collaboration on Axure projects.
  • Advanced Prototyping with Axure RP: (Full Day) Pick up where the basic class leaves off. Learn how to prototype a highly interactive Web application with dynamic content and conditional logic.
  • Drag and Drop: (Half Day) Learn the elements of good drag and drop interactions, and how to use Axure's drag and drop toolset to prototype, communicate, and test them. (Add this to a full-day course or combine with Mobile Prototyping.)
  • Mobile Prototyping with Axure RP: (Half Day) Learn how to prototype a mobile website or a native mobile application and how to view your prototypes on actual mobile devices for testing. (Add this to a full-day course or combine with Drag and Drop.)

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